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I like this image because it simple, interesting and universally recognized.  This image is so simple that when added to other images it doesn’t take away from them but still brands the image.  I like this example especially because it it smooth and futuristic so it also represents the new Macs.

I like this image for the Mad Men Series because it is strong and masculine which represents the show.  I really like the crisp outlines of his collar and the way that he is in black.  The colors are strong.  This is just a very masculine interesting image.

This is a really cool and fun logo.  I like the way that the fox blends into a fire which is the name this is representing.  I like that the name is perfectly represented with out having any type.  This is my favorite kind of logo but it is kind of difficult to come up with a concept that works so perfectly.  I also like the complementing colors of the orange and blue.  This logo is especially fun for me because I once saw a video where the fox came to life and ran around the screen.

OOPS! I just realized I put up two image only logos and no text only logos.  This is probably because I think text only logos are boring and have had a hard time finding one I like but here goes.

Although Google has a lot of designs that which incorporate their logo with other images and I love theirs.  Google’s versatility is perfect for the company.  This logo is used in many different ways just like the search engine.  It is simple and recognizable.   The colors are basic but crisp.  This is a strong logo with or without added images.


9 Lives Cat

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Graphic Design Images

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Here are some graphic design images that I liked.

 This image is by a graphic design artist that I really like her name is Linda Zacks.  She does books, fine art, graphic design and advertising for companies like Target and CMT.  I like this image because it has a fun vibe which really catches the eye.  The somewhat chaotic sense of it makes you feel the chaos of city life.  It is not literal, you do have to think about the content and it can be interpretted in different ways. 

This images is by David Carson.  I like his work (not just this image but most of his work) because of his use of text.  He uses text as imagery which not only works to show the viewer your ideas but to tell them as well.  I think that this is a really great way to express an idea and the way he does it makes it very compelling, you want to keep looking at it which brings you into the image.  This is an image by San Diego local Shepard Fairey.  I love all of his work.  I have some clothes from his clothing line “Obey”.  I believe his most well know piece is his piece of Obama that says HOPE.  I didn’t want to talk about an image that was so well know so I chose this one which I think is a bit abstract.  Your not really sure what the message is but the imagery is beautiful and filled with iconography.  I haven’t looked into the meaning of this piece I like it because I’m not sure what it is saying but some of the images like the little girl and the sign that says forward makes me feel a sense of hope and the colors add a sense of nostalgia.

This is an image by an artist name Chuck Anderson.  I don’t know much about him as I just found this image looking though graphic art on google.  I chose this because I felt like it was good use of graphic design to create an adverstisement.  It is very clear what the add is selling while still being very artistic.  It catches the eye will all the bright colors and gives the feel of a party which I think is a good theme for a bottle of vodka.

Here the artist (whose name I don’t know) has created an add without the fun and color that made up the last image however it is just as or possibly more effective.  It is simple while having the fear factor that is necesarey to get this idea across.  This artist has used graphic design in a very powerful way by keeping it simple so that you absorb the idea.

This last image which seems to have been cut off a little but it is a Coke add.  I like it for his vintage style.  I love posters like this I think that they are interesting and fun.  They are feminine and stylish.  I have seen adds like this before and I like them because they are very artistic without looking like adds however they still present their ideas clearly and you get the idea.


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Word Cloud

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Word Cloud of Shakespear’s play Venus an Adonis

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