Logo Attributes

September 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

I like this image because it simple, interesting and universally recognized.  This image is so simple that when added to other images it doesn’t take away from them but still brands the image.  I like this example especially because it it smooth and futuristic so it also represents the new Macs.

I like this image for the Mad Men Series because it is strong and masculine which represents the show.  I really like the crisp outlines of his collar and the way that he is in black.  The colors are strong.  This is just a very masculine interesting image.

This is a really cool and fun logo.  I like the way that the fox blends into a fire which is the name this is representing.  I like that the name is perfectly represented with out having any type.  This is my favorite kind of logo but it is kind of difficult to come up with a concept that works so perfectly.  I also like the complementing colors of the orange and blue.  This logo is especially fun for me because I once saw a video where the fox came to life and ran around the screen.

OOPS! I just realized I put up two image only logos and no text only logos.  This is probably because I think text only logos are boring and have had a hard time finding one I like but here goes.

Although Google has a lot of designs that which incorporate their logo with other images and I love theirs.  Google’s versatility is perfect for the company.  This logo is used in many different ways just like the search engine.  It is simple and recognizable.   The colors are basic but crisp.  This is a strong logo with or without added images.



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