Reproduction of Images

October 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

1) I think that the reproduction of image is prevalent in the world today because it is so easy to replicate images.  You can print anything you want for very cheaply often in your own home.  You also don’t even need to actually print it to share it all you have to do it put it online, email, or post it on a social networking site.  If you see an image around town or in a magazine you like you can look it up and print copies of it.  Reproduction of images is so easy that anyone can do it and practically everyone has.

2) This can be a good and bad thing for the future of graphic design.  I think that this makes it much cheaper and easier put your image/ images out there.  You can print advertisement for yourself at low cost.  It definately makes it easier to put images out there.  There is definate down side to this and that is that there are so many images to compete with.  In the world today your work needs to stand out and be unique.  You should develop your own style, just like the blog states that the to be recognized you need “To create an image that is fresh and alive and noticed by everyone. At first creating sensation, even outrage, but gradually becoming accepted by popular media and critics alike”.  I think that is becoming more difficult because we are being flooded with so many images that we become desensitized.

3) I think that the reason that the John McCain canidacy for president wasn’t able to effectively use the internet for the campaign is because McCain as an individual is an older generation.  People from older generations especially a couple years ago didn’t really see the importance of using all that the internet has to offer for reaching people, they also probably didn’t really understand how to use it.  Another point is that the republican party in general is more conservative and therefor may have had some reservation about putting themselves out there openly all over the web.


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