Bei Bei with New Earth Ensemble

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November 16th Bei Bei with New Earth Ensemble played for the Arts and Lecture series, which I attended.  The first part of the show Bei Bei playing alone and describing the background of her instrument the Gu Zheng which is also known as the Chinese Zither.  In this part of the show she played classical music on her instrument.  She told about how this instrument was used to play folk songs and war propoganda songs for the Communists.  The intrument was really cool looking I hadn’t ever seen Gu Zheng before it looks like a piece of art in itself.  The music that she played was really beautiful and even watching her play was really cool and interesting.

In the second half of the show her band joined her.  Her band was made of bass guitarists, drummer, sax, flute, trumpet and percussion.  They came together to create something very different from the traditional music that played in the beginning of the show.  I believe they called it Fusion.  I absolutely loved it.  I thought that this mix of different instruments and the way they were composed made something I hadn’t ever heard and I thought it was great.  They put on a really good show with a lot of talent.

This kind of work shows what real inovation can produce.  It also is a great example of mixing opposites to create something new and amazing.  Clashing styles can be really great and I think that this is something I should experiment with in my own work.

Arts, Language & Cultural Revitalization in Baja’s Indigenous Communities

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On Nov. 9 I attended an Arts and Lecture event which allowed us to get to know Native Americans from Baja Ca.  We met Teodora Cuero from the Kumiai tribe who is one of the last five people who speak the native language and Leonor Farlow from the Kiliwa tribe who is currently working on a dictionary of her native language.  Teodora is known as the Governor in here tribe, she is a leader and a teacher.  The LA Times wrote an article on Teodora.  They are both known in thier communities as leaders, healers and teachers.  They spoke almost no English however there was a translater who told their stories.  We learned about and saw grass weaved baskets which are a very important art form for the cultures.  At one time the younger generation of girls had lost interest in this time honored tradition however these baskets have become pieces of art work and can sell for thousands of dollars so now the girls have gained interest in learning this from thier elders.  Supporting these kinds of arts also supports the community.  At the end of the lecture Leonor sang and both women danced which was really incredible. 

Seeing this work, the baskets, singing and story telling up close was very interesting.  This work is beautiful and incredible.  They follow the same steps as they did hundreds of years ago and it makes you appreciate the work all that more.  As a student working in the newest field of art, technology it is inspiring to see these ancient forms of artwork still being used.  It makes you appreciate all forms of artwork.  Those baskets and the singing were so beautiful it made me jealous of these older forms which are still strong and inspiring.

Ishi: A Story of Dignity, Hope and Courage

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On September 21 I went to the Arts and Lecture event Ishi: A Story of Dignity, Hope and Courage.  Not having grown up in California I hadn’t heard this well known story before and found it facinating.  This event began with a lecture about the Ishi and what Ishi’s presence meant to the Native Americans and the people of California.  Ishi’s is an incredible story of survival  and the will to continue living.  He was the last of his people of the Yahi tribe.  It was also very sad, that he was all alone and that people treated him as though he was a sideshow at a carnival.  I also found it very sad that after all he already been through even after his death his ways weren’t respected until recently.  After “wandering’ into Oroville he was studied by anthropologisst who claimed to be his friends and to care about his needs.  However in the end anthropologist Alfred Kroeber was the one that disrepected him by not burying all of his body together which was Ishi’s belief.  Recently he was buried in one indisclosed place. 

This story is one of many of loss of culture and the disrespect of cultures, not only here but all over the world.  When we lose cultures we lose thier knowledge, stories and thier art.  Every artist can only become better the more they learn about the arts of the past.  I find that by looking at and studying these cultures you add to your arsenal of what you are able to create.

Infinite Balance at MOPA

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The Infinte Balance exhibit at the MOPA was very inspiring and beautiful.  It was really great being able to see such amazing work up close.  Alot of the work reminded me of the work that we saw in Waste Land, such as Gursky, Burtinsky, Hatekeyama, Epstein, Lutter, Jordan, and Kander.  The artists are able to transform the most ugly things in the world into beauty.  I feel like turning the ugly in beautiful is a very optimistic view of the situation, it’s like they’re sayinng it isn’t too late to turn things around.

Not all of the artists focused on the ugly but were able to show the beautiful as more than just something that is lovely but as something we are on the verge of loosing such as Cooper, Martins and Derges.  Although all of thier images were truly beautiful, in the context they were the saddest of all the images.  They showed us exactly what we were destroying and on the verge of loosing forever. 

Benoit Aquin was able to show an effect of what our misuse of the planet has cost us.  This work reminded of Dorthea Lange’s work during the great American dustbowl.  This kind of photography is so powerful because it shows the results of what we are doing to our planet and what we will be forced to live with if we don’t make changes.  This work shows us that the world we are creating through our treatment of the planet isn’t just a future world but is already here.

Yao Lu’s work was probably my favorite.  Walking up to it it looks just like historical Japanese wood cut landscapes, however up close they really are photographs and are images of trash covered up in plastic.  I thought these were incredible they transform before your eyes which tells the story of transformation from beautiful to ugly that our planet is going through.

This was a very beautiful exhibit.  I have been to several exhibits at the MOPA but this one is definately my favorite so far.  All the images were beautiful while making a statement.

Of Mice and Men

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On Nov. 10 I went to the Of Men and Men at the New Village Arts Theatre in Carlsbad, Ca.  My good friend Ashley Watkins works at the theater and was able to give me and another friend tickets.  This was excellent show.  I have read this book and have seen the movie, however seeing it live made it more powerful and real.  The actors were incredible, they did a great job.  At the end of the show they built up to George killing Lenny and when they did it they turned down the lights and showed the scene in profile, I thought it was very powerful and an amazing way to depict that scene.  This was a very good show. 

Although is a theater production and I work with Arts and Technology I think that there are many things to be taken from any artistic experience.  For example the final scene which I described in the first paragraph gave me thoughts on my own work.  I liked the imagery of this scene because it was beautiful and sad rather than violent which you would expect.  It was unexpected and powerful.  Obviously unexpected and powerful are exactly what art should be and what I want mine to be.

All the actors were really great and I thought this was an excellent show.  I was surprised at the high quality of the show which this small theater put out.  I didn’t think that it would bad but  I was also not expecting it to be so great.  From the scenery to the acting.  I am very happy that I was able to experience this small theater and am excited to see more of thier work.

Jewish Food Festival Poster

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Final Logo Design

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Gig Poster

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For my poster I drew inspiration from the Surrealist movement.  I wanted to ceated a weird mix of images to show my event which was a Carnival from the early 1900s.  When I think of the old Carnivals from the early 19oo I think of strange side shows and psychics so I thought that the Surrealist movement would be a good choice to showcase the odd and unusual.  The artists that I found the most inspiration was Hans Kanters.  He takes a mixture of different images which are sometimes are odds with each other.  I wanted to have a fun a interesting poster which caught the viewers eye and made them want ot be part of the fun.  To do this I made a very bright and wild looking poster which you need to get up closer to read all the details, you become a part it rather than just seeing it and going along with your day.  I drew almost all of the images in my poster using different tools such as the pen tool and shape tools.  The only image that I didn’t draw was the club from a deck of cards which I live traced from an image on the internet.  

Jewish Food Festival Poster #1

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Logo Critique #2

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