Bei Bei with New Earth Ensemble

November 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

November 16th Bei Bei with New Earth Ensemble played for the Arts and Lecture series, which I attended.  The first part of the show Bei Bei playing alone and describing the background of her instrument the Gu Zheng which is also known as the Chinese Zither.  In this part of the show she played classical music on her instrument.  She told about how this instrument was used to play folk songs and war propoganda songs for the Communists.  The intrument was really cool looking I hadn’t ever seen Gu Zheng before it looks like a piece of art in itself.  The music that she played was really beautiful and even watching her play was really cool and interesting.

In the second half of the show her band joined her.  Her band was made of bass guitarists, drummer, sax, flute, trumpet and percussion.  They came together to create something very different from the traditional music that played in the beginning of the show.  I believe they called it Fusion.  I absolutely loved it.  I thought that this mix of different instruments and the way they were composed made something I hadn’t ever heard and I thought it was great.  They put on a really good show with a lot of talent.

This kind of work shows what real inovation can produce.  It also is a great example of mixing opposites to create something new and amazing.  Clashing styles can be really great and I think that this is something I should experiment with in my own work.


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