Infinite Balance at MOPA

November 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Infinte Balance exhibit at the MOPA was very inspiring and beautiful.  It was really great being able to see such amazing work up close.  Alot of the work reminded me of the work that we saw in Waste Land, such as Gursky, Burtinsky, Hatekeyama, Epstein, Lutter, Jordan, and Kander.  The artists are able to transform the most ugly things in the world into beauty.  I feel like turning the ugly in beautiful is a very optimistic view of the situation, it’s like they’re sayinng it isn’t too late to turn things around.

Not all of the artists focused on the ugly but were able to show the beautiful as more than just something that is lovely but as something we are on the verge of loosing such as Cooper, Martins and Derges.  Although all of thier images were truly beautiful, in the context they were the saddest of all the images.  They showed us exactly what we were destroying and on the verge of loosing forever. 

Benoit Aquin was able to show an effect of what our misuse of the planet has cost us.  This work reminded of Dorthea Lange’s work during the great American dustbowl.  This kind of photography is so powerful because it shows the results of what we are doing to our planet and what we will be forced to live with if we don’t make changes.  This work shows us that the world we are creating through our treatment of the planet isn’t just a future world but is already here.

Yao Lu’s work was probably my favorite.  Walking up to it it looks just like historical Japanese wood cut landscapes, however up close they really are photographs and are images of trash covered up in plastic.  I thought these were incredible they transform before your eyes which tells the story of transformation from beautiful to ugly that our planet is going through.

This was a very beautiful exhibit.  I have been to several exhibits at the MOPA but this one is definately my favorite so far.  All the images were beautiful while making a statement.


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