December 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

On September 14, MandoBasso played on campus in room 111.  This band is made up of Gunnar Biggs and Bill Bradbury.  Bill Bradbury played the mandolin.  He also sang the famous folk song Barbara Allen.  Gunnar Biggs played the big stand up bass.  I actually really like folk music so I thought this was a lot of fun.  I only wished that they would have sang to more of the songs.  They did discuss many of the songs, their meaning and importance.  It was cool and inspiring hearing about these folk songs and how they were preserved only by passing them on through generations.  I think like this kind of music and the old backwoods style that comes with it.  This had made me think that perhaps I should do some work to do with this, I am originally from Wyoming so its fitting.


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