Gig Poster

November 18, 2011 § Leave a comment


For my poster I drew inspiration from the Surrealist movement.  I wanted to ceated a weird mix of images to show my event which was a Carnival from the early 1900s.  When I think of the old Carnivals from the early 19oo I think of strange side shows and psychics so I thought that the Surrealist movement would be a good choice to showcase the odd and unusual.  The artists that I found the most inspiration was Hans Kanters.  He takes a mixture of different images which are sometimes are odds with each other.  I wanted to have a fun a interesting poster which caught the viewers eye and made them want ot be part of the fun.  To do this I made a very bright and wild looking poster which you need to get up closer to read all the details, you become a part it rather than just seeing it and going along with your day.  I drew almost all of the images in my poster using different tools such as the pen tool and shape tools.  The only image that I didn’t draw was the club from a deck of cards which I live traced from an image on the internet.  


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